Birthday Book Club

Version en Español

What is the Birthday Book Club?

It is a voluntary program sponsored by the PTA to support the Ridgetop Library. This program helps to ensure that we have new and exciting Spanish books in the library for the students.

How does it work?

An adult provides a donation of $15 to the library in honor of their child’s birthday. Ms. Rice, the librarian, selects and orders the new books. Your child gets to select one of the new books as their “birthday book.” A bookplate with the child’s name and birthdate will be placed inside. Then, they will be the first one to check the new book out. After they return the book, it goes into circulation for all students to enjoy.

The month of their birthday (or half-birthday for summer birthdays), a picture of the child with the book will be displayed in the library and they will be presented with the book during their class library time.

How do I sign up?

Include a paper with student’s name, birthdate, grade and teacher. Cash or check is accepted. (Make checks out to Ridgetop PTA). Simply return the form and donation to the office. Sign up during the first two weeks of school. 🙂

Sample form is available here.