About Us

Ridgetop Elementary School sits at the corner of 5lst  and Caswell, a small community school that was established as a county school in 1917. It became a member of the city school system in 1924, when the Highlands Area was annexed by the city. Ridgetop Elementary School has been a daytime home for many of its students since that time, where students are physically and mentally cared for by the principal, staff , students, parents and community.

In an effort to continue their professional growth in their teaching areas, teachers at Ridgetop continuously attend staff development and courses that are made available to them. Teachers’ longevity at Ridgetop gives the students consistency in their learning styles.

As an educational institution, Ridgetop implements for its students a well planned curriculum, channeled through various methodologies.

Computers in every Classroom

Parent Action Program

Math and Literacy Nights

Marathon Kids

E. S. L. For Parents

Gifted and Talented Program

Accelerated Reader Program

Mentor Program

NineWeeks Awards Assembly / Honor Roll

We have been the Ridgetop Rattlers since 1986 and our school colors are red and black. It is our mission to increase the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each student. Our motto is: “Nothing Less Than the Best is Good Enough for Ridgetop Students. The students are first!”

There are many things that make Ridgetop special.